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Consultancy Services

Our technologies will take care of reducing energy consumption, but to help optimise business performance, Energy Impact have provided an array of consultancy services to further enhance the benefits to clients.

Business Energy Brokerage

Our energy procurement partners has established themselves as one of the leading energy brokers in the UK. They currently service over 45000 clients and place over £1Billion of gas and electricity contracts annually.

Through Energy Impact we are able to offer a wide range of products which are tailored to the client’s needs and size. With the predicted rises in energy costs for the future and all the risks that businesses face it has never been as important to have the correct intelligence and strategies.

Whether the client is a SME requiring a fixed price, fixed term contract or a multi-site corporate requiring a fully flexible contract we have the product and strategy to suit.

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Business Telecommunications Brokerage

Our partner provides communication solutions for small to large enterprises and businesses. We work on behalf of our customers and are independent of any network or provider. Our Partners are dedicated to providing cost effective and tailored solutions to suit our customer’s individual requirements.

Delivering a first class customer service is a central part in the way our partner are able to differentiate itself from other communication providers, with all our customers benefiting from a dedicated account manager .

Our partner deals directly with land line wholesalers, Mobile networks & MVOs (Mobile Virtual Operators) as well as large distributors, enabling us to objectively review the best market options. We always put the customer at the heart of our decision making, using historic bill analysis and an understanding of their future requirements to deliver the best results.

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On-Site Energy Health Checks

For our services to impact positively on our clients’ consumption, it is important that an initial health check is completed for each site. This will enable all unnecessary energy consumption to be identified and rectified, a full Building Management System (BMS), if present, review ensuring the BMS is fully optimised and that ‘Best Practice’ is adhered to.

Once a health check has been completed and all recommendations have been implemented we are able to benchmark a sustainable consumption pattern. An energy consumption profile will be designed and alarms set highlighting immediately any breaches via ‘Energy 365’ our web based energy management program.

An online self-complete energy audit will be designed from the information gained in the health check which will be completed by an on-site maintenance team member ensuring ‘Best Practice’ is adhered to.

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The areas covered within the health check are as follows:

  • Training on the use and benefits of Energy Impact (energy management software)
  • Operational Best Practice review
  • BMS (if present) review

Plant room survey covering areas such as:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Best Practice

Swimming pool plant room review (if present) include:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Best Practice
  • Lighting review
  • Renewable source energy review

Energy procurement health check to include:

  • Strategy review
  • Tariff review
  • Product review

Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) review to include:

  • Strategy
Retrospective, Historical Billing Review

Due to the complexity of utility invoices, customers may have historical errors waiting to be recovered. As part of our long-term commitment to our clients, historical audits can be carried out upon request.

As part of the audit we not only validate historical billing rates but also check all unseen pass-through charges, to ensure compliance to the published tariffs throughout the supply periods. If any errors are discovered, Energy Impact can then manage the recovery of them.

Key Benefits

  • No risk to you – if we don’t find anything, there is no cost.
  • Leading industry experts – our team includes some of the industry’s top retro-audit experts, giving you complete confidence.
  • No binding commitment – we can carry out historical audits as a stand-alone project, as well as a part of an energy procurement arrangement.
  • Significant cost recovery – some errors can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Carbon-Off Setting

External reduction of carbon footprint takes the form of carbon-off setting which many businesses and organisations utilise to take direct responsibility for their emissions due to its cost effectiveness, efficiency and immediate effect.

Cultivating corporate sustainability and extending its practices makes very good business sense:

It directly influences bottom lines by strengthening skills, increasing efficiency, attracting talent, and making new revenue streams available; and it elevates corporate profiles, helping to guarantee future competitiveness, and increases employee and stakeholder engagement with the firm.

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Bureau and Bill Validations

Utility invoices are notoriously complex, with many different rate structures, adjustments, levies and other charges. Coupled with the fact that utility invoices are sometimes late and inaccurate, the processing and analysis of them can place a real burden on companies.

Using our tailor-made systems, Energy Impact can validate utility invoices and ensure clients are being charged correctly and only for the energy they have used. Where errors are identified, Energy Impact can leverage its excellent supplier relationships to ensure these are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • A simple and concise invoice reporting structure
  • A highly accurate invoice validation report that is easy to view, understand and compare
  • Cumulative budgetary reports providing a monitoring and targeting solution
  • The ability to view a selection of essential reports highlighting peak demands & consumption profile in a calendar and summary format per site

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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

Our partners are providing a full CRC management service for a number of participating organisations. We can also address specific issues such as:

  • Evaluating qualification for phase 2 of the CRC
  • Developing a CRC strategy
  • Data collection and collation
  • Calculating and forecasting emissions for CRC purposes
  • Compliance with scheme administration (including compiling an evidence pack and CRC annual reports)
  • Carbon management including target setting, carbon reduction and reporting energy monitoring and management
  • Identifying and evaluating energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to establish priority
  • Implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  • Landlord and tenant CRC issues
  • Franchise issues
  • Advising on treatment of allowances in accounts
  • CRC software
  • Providing assistance during Environment Agency audits
  • CRC training
  • We are Environment Agency registered CRC Agents.

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