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What Is It?

All over the World businesses of all sizes and status should be seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and costs, which makes sound economic sense and impacts positively on the environment.

Energy Impact Limited, with our wealth of experience and our knowledge on global energy issues, has joined hands with leading edge organisations within the energy industry to help our clients reduce their impact on the environment, to meet and exceed their environmental targets and improve on the efficiency of their business performance.

Energy Impact also provides procurement of all utilities including telecoms. Through our brokerage division we have gained the skills to advise businesses on changing market conditions, with the ability to review historic trends and recommend the best prices and procurement strategies. With your utility procurement in safe hands, our team will then address the challenge of physical kilowatt reductions.

Our energy management team have built a glowing reputation in all sectors by delivering a structured method to energy management. By adopting a phased approach, savings are gained in the most cost effective manner ensuring that any investments made by our clients to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions are pre-qualified to maximise returns.

We are now offering this proven solution under a Licensed Distribution Agreement to third parties wishing to enter into this exciting and profitable industry. The Energy Impact business solution is suitable to any person wishing to start a business without all the risky pitfalls and any business wishing to add a proven energy management solution to their existing offerings.

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The Solution

Developing a solution from a conceptual idea to a delivered product requires many skill sets that are not always available when setting up a new business.

By utilising the Energy Impact business solution these hurdles have been removed. Energy Impact is not only proven to bring huge financial benefits to the clients that have experienced the solution, but is also profitable to the provider.

This means that it presents a win, win business offering and is not only simple to deliver but the results to the client are immediate and the client relationship becomes robust and long lasting with many areas of repeat business.

The energy market is recognised as the biggest single growing market globally but is a subject that brings huge challenges to all businesses and is continually asking for companies to buy better, use less and generate more.

The Energy Impact business solution is basically a business in a box and will enable the provider to offer a comprehensive, proven, profitable and sustainable service to clients.

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to learn more about becoming a distributor

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